Three harmony-rooted acoustic folk songs for our loyal readership

The Narrative – “Politics of Youth”
-It’s not hard to hear what I like about this song; it begins with beautiful harmonies and acoustic richness. That sound is sustained throughout the track. The lyrics are about hiding away the truth as part of youthful social relationships. It’s about the way we put up a “mask” to avoid connecting with people as we get to know who we really are. I appreciate the depth and sincerity of the concept, along with the way the harmony helps to provide a soothing aspect to what is a bristling and tense subject. This is a great tune with an incredible recording performance.

Tommy Ashby – “Lifeline”
-Fans of acoustic singer songwriters probably already know about Tommy Ashby’s exceptional songwriting. The gentleness of this recording spoke to me right away. There’s a lightness to the song, despite a rather heavy subject about someone who is able to essentially save your life when you are struggling emotionally. If you are able to relate to these lyrics, it means you’ve been blessed to know someone special who is a lifeline to you as well. The layered vocal and gentle harmony is beautiful on this song. It’s definitely going to be a delight to longtime readers of this site.

Vin Ringose – “The Morning”
-The harmonies on this song are absolutely stunning. Do you know that experience when you’re at an art gallery and you look at an image that just pulls you in? It has depth and movement that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into the image… that’s how I feel about this song. For example, the line about cutting cold that gets through to your bones is so relatable. The lyrics and overall composition style all works really well on this track. Sometimes I feel like I’m just watching life pass by as well. Ultimately, though, I think the song is about finding contentment even as life rolls on. It’s a message I can support for sure.

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