Three new singer songwriters you’ll want to hear and share with friends

Gabby Donnelly – “Carolina”
-The composition of this track works really well for me; it’s got an acoustic basis, a quality lead vocal, and some really nice backing elements that give it a sense of depth. I’m a huge fan of the standup bass on this way. It creates a depth to the song that really makes it feel more like throwback folk music which juxtaposes nicely with some of the more contemporary production decisions. It’s a love song (I think) with a bright positivity that we’re happy to support.

Tors and Lily Williams – “I don’t miss you (except when I do)”
-This is a wonderful piece of songwriting. We’ve been featuring Tors for a while, so it’s nice to hear them bring in their expert artistry with a guest vocalist who complements them so well. When the duet vocals take over around the 1:50 mark the song goes from good to great. If you’ve ever experienced a break up where life feels normal and then out of nowhere it just hits you… and you feel crippling sadness… then this song is absolutely for you. It’s a beautiful song that deserves a wider audience.

Talia Grace – “Soliloquy”
-The piano driven pop song style is hard to master, but Talia Grace has a really good contribution to the genre here. The eloquent piano does a nice job of providing a base for the intimate, sincere vocal style from Talia Grace. The lyrics are about perseverance; it’s a song ultimately about experiencing setback and keeping moving despite the trials. It’s a bit like reading someone’s diary; it’s as if the artist is sharing their personal thoughts aloud… you know, like a soliloquy. I love the line, “beautifully relentless; life goes on.”

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