Three wonderful acoustic folk tracks that are sure to impress

Wilfred – “Blue jean overalls”
-If you’re a fan of acoustic singer songwriters, you’ve come to the right place. Wilfred definitely has a thoughtful, captivating acoustic style here. The narrative is about a woman with blue jean overalls, a surface level observation of a person that goes far deeper in the lyrics. It’s about a woman who “sees pain where you see art.” It’s about an artist who expresses emotion in her work. It’s beautifully done and well worth your time to listen. If you are an artist (or love one), you’ll be able to relate to the sentiments of this song; it’s real, it’s raw, and it’s meaningful.

Holden Miller – “Watching the moon”
-This is a song about jealousy, fear, anxiety, and heartbreak. It’s also absolutely gorgeous. I love the chord progression and melody of this song. It reminds me of something from Adam Melchor. The pain of the lyrics is evident from the opening line and continues to permeate through the whole track. The expressiveness of the lyrics is matched expertly with a truly wonderful energy in the melody. Even the details in the background production do a great job of depicting uncertainty and instability, all while contributing to a solid central picture about the love that drives the mood of the track. It’s a masterful piece of songwriting and we’re happy to feature it here.

Joel Ansett – “Layers”
-If you’ve been around ETTG for a while, you’ve seen and heard Joel Ansett in the past. He’s an incredibly talented songwriter that we’re happy to support here. This latest track “Layers” reminds us everything we love about his songwriting; the acoustic style is beautiful. The sincerity in the vocal delivery is absolutely phenomenal. Every line feels like it’s a heartfelt expression. “I wish it was easy to get to the heart. I hate all the layers keeping us apart.” Whew. That’s… a line. If you’ve been in a serious committed relationship, you will relate to those bumps along the way and can absolutely feel this. This is a gorgeous song.

Image courtesy: Joel Ansett IG

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