Three Americana tracks pushing the genre’s bounds in unique directions

Heidi Pack – “It must be you”
-If you’re a fan of a love song with gorgeous harmonies, then check out this track from Heidi Pack. It’s got that timeless country music quality to it. The instrumentation is really comfortable, allowing the exceptional vocals to shine through. Also, the lyrical concepts are relatable without coming across as cheesy or predictable. If you’ve ever been with someone that just makes you act differently, this is a song that will connect in a major way. We’re really glad to support this track and will be welcoming more like this from rising Americana artist Heidi Pack.

My Politic – “Buzzards on a powerline”
-This song is not going to be what you predict, so I encourage you to be quiet and listen to the whole story as it unfolds. If you’ve ever struggled in life (in this case amphetamines), this song will feel all too familiar. It’s about a horrible family situation, honestly. My Politic makes this awful situation into a beautiful song. It has the trappings and truth telling of a John Prine or John Hartford style track. It deserves the attention of serious Americana and folk fans. It’s about as tragic a song as I’ve heard in 2022 and just might make you cry.

Dustbowl Revival – “Best day”
-Man, this track is an absolute jam. It’s got this stylistic blend with elements of rock, pop, and snappy/bluesy energy. I love the effect the horns have on this track. The keyboard and the chromatic chord changes give this sense of movement that help the track almost transcend the sum of its parts. But I would be remiss not to mention the incredible vocal work on this track. It’s lyrically simple about meeting someone that makes your day; that’s easy enough. But the way the instrumentation and melody describe the feeling of meeting someone amazing is really fantastic. It’s the perfect blend of stylistic decision making with a lyrical concept. This is a HIT! (PS – I don’t want to spoil it, but stay with the lyrics because the ending is great.)

Image courtesy: Heidi Pack IG

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