Three alt country tracks that will have you thinking about the past

Mary Mahaffey – “Wild”
-There’s an approachable sincerity to this track that I liked right away. The phrase “wildly comfortable and comfortably wild” is just so perfect for youthful romance. The overall composition of the track feels easy going while also not quite like anything I’ve heard before. There’s a little bit of a Bonnie Raitt style to the writing that works really well for the alt country and Americana crowd. There are a lot of could have been and should have been scenarios in life and it feels like Mahaffey captured one here.

Elijah Mann – “Bungalow song”
-Something about Elijah Mann reminds me of a combination of 60s Cali folk (like Jackson Browne) mixed with a contemporary pop flavor, more along the lines of John Mayer. Mann’s songwriting flavor feels familiar and easy to connect with. The friendly tone and expressive style allows the lyrics to go down easy as well. It’s about buying a house and running away with a lover. It’s a dream with a beautiful hopeful style. In a world that seems so negative with narratives of impending doom all around us, Mann’s music does exactly what we need. It gives us hope.

Eliza Edens – “For the song”
-We’ve featured Eliza Edens in the past and it’s easy to hear why she’s back with this recent track; the complexity of this song is actually stunning. Edens writes with a thoughtful, almost theatrical vibrancy that I really admire. The lyrics are poetic and the vocal delivery feels like conversing with a friend. The overall energy of the track is contemplative and engaging. I appreciate the depth and style of the track; Edens takes some risks on this one and it works really well.

Image courtesy: Mary Mahaffey IG

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