Three emotional new tracks that blend indie pop and rock elements

Mordechai Mendoza – “Young love”
-There’s a chill energy to this track that made it immediately stick out for me. The throwback style doesn’t have an exact genre, but it feels really familiar. It feels like a better-produced version of a track that could have been released in the early 60s. The sentiments are about recalling an earlier time in a relationship when there was more warmth. It’s definitely an emotional song with relatable sentiments and a classic overall vibe. I think a lot of folks will like it if they give it a spin.

Marg Pappas – “Frankie’s monster”
-If you’re looking for an indie pop rock vibe and a fantastic vocal, give Marg Pappas a shot. There’s something penetrating and beautiful about the way Pappas’s vocal cuts through the mix on this track. It feels like it takes elements of 90s alt rock, timeless classic rock, and contemporary production to create this whole other sound. The phrasing works great with the Halloween and creepy season theme here. I never really thought about “holiday music” for this time of year, but maybe Pappas is inventing a new subfield of music.

Madeline Finn – “On the line”
-The acoustic style here definitely captured my attention, but it was Finn’s gorgeous voice that made me stop what I was doing and just listen. There’s a bit of a stylistic shift partway through, but I don’t want to spoil it. Just listen. Finn sings with sincerity throughout the track. Both the contemplative folk-like elements as well as the more up tempo sections all work together to create an expressive and inviting mood. If you’ve ever felt the feeling of yearning for someone, the lyrical sentiments will be familiar. If you’ve ever been consumed with trying to move forward toward someone or something despite the obstacles that fall in your path, the sonic elements will resonate. Together, it’s masterful.

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