Three ethereal, dreamy indie pop tunes that you have to hear to believe

Lyrah – “In the leaves”
-So this song is probably more “dance” than what most people typically expect from our site, but I absolutely love what Lyrah is doing here. The vocal is exceptionally good. The combination of the dance energy with the resonance and space in the production mix just makes for this whole vibe. It fills the room. I appreciate the rising energy and overall vibes of the track. There’s a dreamy quality to the song that makes it feel more like looking at an impressionistic painting rather than the more stark details of other styles. I like how the elements blend together into a “vibe.” It works.

Sunspire – “Sunlight”
-Sometimes you hear a melody that just resonates with you personally. That happened for me when I clicked play on this track “Sunlight” from Sunspire. There’s an energy to it that I really appreciate. It feels like a good time, a good vibe, and like it’s nudging me to relax. The lyrics are about seeking someone to combat loneliness. The relatable lyrics combine with a chill vibe that I definitely appreciate. It’s perfect for a chilled out indie pop playlist for sure.

Joe Holt – “Immune”
-I was surprised by this song. We’ve covered Joe Holt in the past, so I knew he was a talented artist. But this song… wow. It has a complex mixed melody with a wide range of directions. Usually a “busier” style of production like this wouldn’t work for me, but this track does a nice job of blending engaging lyricism with a captivating production. The layered vocal harmonies really “pop” for me and pull me into the production. In a time where “immunity” is in the news more than any of us care to acknowledge, adapting that concept to a relationship is intriguing. I’ll say this much — you have never heard anything quite like this captivating piece of songwriting.

Image courtesy: Lyrah IG

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