Three chilled out rock tracks to mellow out your late summer playlists

Mark McLaughlin – “Wish it were real”
-The glowing guitars and groovy beat on this track stood out for me on first listen. The more I’ve engaged with the track, the more I like about it. The energy feels a bit like a mid-70s folk rock track blended with a modern surf rock sensibility. The overall vibe makes for some mellow rock that’s well worth jamming to. I can just picture sitting out on a porch or a boat with a track like this playing, drink in hand, and taking in the air. This is a great example of modern chill rock.

HOAX – “5”
-Everything from the funky beat to the chilled out groove on this track feels right. We’ve featured HOAX in the past due to the clever songwriting and clear production. It’s nice to hear that sound is back on “5,” a track that feels like a genre carnival, rich in its mixture of different influences. The glowing vibes are infectious and enjoyable. There’s a lyric about “giving in to the sounds that the silence ignores” and… let me just tell you… not only is that poetic but good heavens it is a vibrant indication of things I’ve experienced in my own life. This one’s a whole vibe and we’re happy to support it.

Tors – “Lonely”
-We featured a track by Tors a few years back that was part of the end of year “song of the year” playlist. Suffice it to say that when we see this name come up in submissions we take notice. It’s easy to hear what I love about their sound so much; the dynamic vocals are absolutely outstanding. The lyrics on this track are about finding someone that you want to be with when you’re lonely. Maybe it’s a dysfunctional relationship? Or maybe it’s a perfect relationship. No matter how you imagine the relationship, there’s a plaintive honesty between the partners in the situation. The joy in the vocal mix helps to bring together the mood of the track with the optimism in the lyrical message. It’s a great pop rock tune.

Image courtesy: Mark McLaughlin IG

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