Three indie pop tracks that will have you looking for your dancing shoes

Lissie – “Night moves”
-If you’re looking for a pop anthem, look no further than Lissie’s latest track. Lissie is an artist we’ve featured in the past. The pop rock vibes on this track feel like a bygone era with a fresh production energy on them. Lissie’s vocal feels a bit like a Stevie Nix style brought to a Ryan Adams contemporary track. It’s definitely a unique and energetic style that we’re happy to support. It’s about the night moving and not your moves at night, but it’s still a very danceable and up tempo indie pop rock track.

Gussy Q – “Tallest man on earth”
-So we’ve featured an artist called the Tallest Man on Earth in the past, so I was kind of surprised to see the title of this track. As far as I know, the two are completely unrelated. This track is an up tempo indie pop rock track that has a ton of energy. The woo-hoo part definitely has that feel good “live show” vibe to it. It’s a story of bragging to receive acknowledgement. It works, connecting the rowdy and up tempo melody to lyrics about being noticed. I appreciate the full composition and engaging production decisions that give the song a bit of classic rock style while also bringing it into 21st century complexity.

Hawke the Band – “Miracles”
-I really like the pop rock energy of this track. The harmonies on the chorus, in particular, are absolutely outstanding. The lead vocal is really good and invites listeners to sing and dance along. This is definitely the kind of band I would go to hear live. Can you imagine the crowd all singing along to this? Fans of Needtobreathe will find a lot to like about this exciting sound from Hawke the Band. Get out of your seat and shake it out to this track. It’s full of life and excitement!

Image courtesy: Hawke the Band IG

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