Three folk rock tracks that blend together eras for a truly unique sound

Gold Spectacles – “Living hell”
-The rhythm and flow of this track is infectious and enjoyable. There’s a whole vibe here that reminds me of something vintage while also brand new. I can’t quite put my finger on the production decisions that make it resonate, but it definitely feels like a fresh sound. The lyrical theme is about self destructive behavior and apologizing for harming someone else in the process. It’s a heavy lyric style for such an enjoyable “bop” song style, but it works to help the message connect with listeners.

Joseph Pennell – “Mary”
-There’s a contemplative sincerity to this song that makes it feel confessional. Pennell’s songwriting feels like a classic folk tune in the opening, but as the rest of the band enters it feels like an alchemy of classic folk with more recent folk rock in the vein of Ryan Adams. The lyrics highlight the desire to escape challenging and fearful parts of life. The unhurried and thoughtful style sets the song apart from the more typical “jam” style folk rock, but the slow burn really allows the listener to ease into the words of the song.

Ten Kills the Pack – “Theo”
-Since I don’t have a background in music theory, I can’t tell you what’s going on with the chords to this song, but I can tell you that it’s a wonderful chord progression. There’s a careful balance between a “pop” feel and something a bit darker. The energy of the track invites the listener into the story, meeting a character named “Theo.” The organ chords in the background set the sound apart, bringing together influences of classic 60s folk revival with a more contemporary almost-cinematic composition style. Fans of Sleeping at Last will find a lot to like with this innovative track from Ten Kills the Pack.

Image courtesy: Gold Spectacles IG

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