Three gentle singer songwriter songs that will speak to your soul

Elle Mitchell – “Hold on to Neverland”
-I’ve become a bit of a sucker for sweet singer songwriter pieces about Peter Pan’s universe. There’s something endearing about the dreamlike sensibility to this song that makes it immediately connect. Mitchell’s voice is captivating. The vocal harmonies on the chorus are absolutely breathtaking. The combination is truly wonderful. The mesmerizing piano sets a beautiful dreamy mood that allows the magical lyrics to carry the listener to a simpler past self. This track is a lot more emotional than you might think. It’s wonderful.

Robert Leslie – “In another light”
-If you’re a fan of classic folk songwriting, you’ll find a lot to love about this track from Robert Leslie. Everything from the light hearted acoustic guitar to the sweet flute work all comes together for a magical feeling in the track. Leslie’s tender vocal style invites the listener into a gentle embrace with the lyrics. It’s like listening to an old friend tell a story. The song feels sweetly familiar, but is brand new. This is a beautiful folk song that will find its way deep into your soul. It sure did for me.

Arny Margret – “Sniglar”
-We tend to feature acoustic singer songwriters fairly often around here, but sometimes one comes along that stands out even more than usual. Arny Margret’s style is intimate, connected, and sincere. Each poetic line leads to the next, pulling the listener into a quiet and beautiful sonic moment. More like reading a classic poem than listening to a song, there’s a richness to this composition that we rarely find in music today. Margret’s expressive vocal style balances perfectly with the classic melodic work from the piano and guitar. This is a gentle and satisfying piece of timeless folk songwriting.

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