Three brand new swoon-worthy indie folk songs for your consideration

Goodnight Moonshine – “What do you wanna know?”
-This is a playful, sexy little song about hooking up. There’s an intimacy to the song that makes for a little bit of that nervous laughter and giddiness while listening. The flirty folk harmony works really well here. It’s a little lustful and a little bit cheeky in the best way possible. The folk instrumentation and bluesy energy in the vocals work perfectly for a mature, almost burlesque flirtiness and meaning in the track. This is a fun one for a summer playlist or maybe to play with/for your own special someone.

Anna Tivel – “The Dial”
-We’ve been following and supporting Anna Tivel for years, but this recent version of her music… wow! Her tone and characteristic phrasing is still true to her style, but something about the lyrical substance on this track has a little more bite. It’s not exactly that it’s aggressive, even by Tivel’s standards, but it’s got a bit more moxie to the whole sound. The beat is different and the lyric about a “stolen story” creates so much intrigue. I want to know more about this captivating song.

Wolf van Elfmand – “Everyone else”
-This is a song about lacking empathy. It’s heart-wrenchingly sincere and it really matters. If you know someone like this, you will certainly connect with the lyrics. I’ve never heard a song quite like this one from van Elfmand, but it is not an easy song to forget. It’s impossible to ignore the blatant political comparisons here, but I won’t dig into that. What I will say is that this is quintessential folk music, speaking heartbreaking truth to a current issue. It’s truly tragic. “What a waste of a life” is such a tragic but true lyric. This is a masterful piece of songwriting.

Image courtesy: Goonight Moonshine IG

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