Three new pop rock tracks to bring some enthusiasm to this week

The Forbearant – “Can’t stop”
-There’s an up tempo energy here that feels perfect for pop rock. The vocals are on point, the guitars feel festive, and the overall composition propels the song forward. It’s lyrically about moving forward despite how life throws challenges at us. It’s mostly about a relationship, but it could also be about moving forward in life generally. It’s a nice mix of pop and rock elements.

Falderal – “Table 9”
-The magic energy of this track defies simple description. The easy comp for me is an artist like Ben Rector, who we love. If you’re looking for a pop rock track with some relatable lyrics and a story that pulls you in, this is definitely a jam you’ll enjoy. It’s a story about a failed relationship but wrestling with the feelings that were once there. It’s complicated and sincere, with a beat and composition style that allows listeners to reflect on the moment in a deeply personal way.

Amateur Hockey Club – “Boxed wine”
-If you’re a fan of up tempo pop punk vibes, give Amateur Hockey Club a spin. The sound reminds me a lot of the early 2000s punk that helped to define my music taste. The expressive lyrical work does a nice job of connecting with a wide range of listeners. The resolution from distortion to full throated chords works really well to add dynamics to the production mix. The key lyric about spoiling boxed wine makes me cringe a little, but I’m pretty sure that’s the point. “Can’t complain as long as I survive” is what it feels like to be in my late 30s, so I’m all about this track… on more levels than I am comfortable admitting.

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