Three folk singer songwriters you want to follow this year

Max Garcia Conover and Ben Cosgrove – “Fadeaway Gus”
-Stop what you’re doing and listen to this song. It reminds me a little of Ben Folds’ classic storytelling songs. It’s piano-driven and emotional. But I’ll be darned if we don’t all know a “Gus” like this. I will say there is a bit of a sacrilegious lyric in the song, so be fore-warned about that. It’s one of those songs that feels like a nice easy going track, but it actually has some existential depth to it that might be a bit unsettling for some listeners — in the best way possible.

The Darling Suns – “Come around”
-There’s a vibrancy to the lead vocal on this track that stops me in my tracks. The cathartic, calming electric guitar creates a melodic and peaceful backing for the vocal to shine through. It sets up a key lyric, “I think about you all the time.” This is a heartbreak song. It’s about not being together anymore and hoping for the person to return. Once the rest of the band comes in, there’s a resolution to the rising emotion. This is orchestral folk rock with a deep resonance; it’s worth your time.

Adam Kharita – “By July”
-When you tell people you’re a fan of folk music, this is probably the type of music you have in mind. There’s an optimistic sweetness to the up tempo folk style. Something about the energy of the recording reminds me a bit of the affable Ben Rector. The composition style brings together elements of pop, soul, and R&B to create a bouncy, colorful song. If you’re looking for a feel good hopeful song for your summer playlists, consider adding Adam Kharita’s song “By July.”

Image courtesy: Darling Suns IG

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