How to promote your song on Spotify and gain exposure

A lot of songs are being distributed on the well-known music streaming service Spotify. For artists, understanding how to advertise your music on Spotify will significantly increase the number of listeners who are exposed to your music and the dedication of your core audience.

Spotify is an online streaming service that offers access to a wide range of tracks and other works from musicians all over the globe. It also offers podcasts and videos. Users can search through music libraries and filter criteria by musician, record, or category, and they can build, modify, and share playlists, which is advantageous for music artists, known and unknown alike. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, upcoming musicians could no longer perform at live events and venues to boost their exposure. As a result of the many changes brought about by the pandemic and the lifestyle many people found themselves in, upcoming artists turns to online streaming platforms to gain exposure. 

The rise in online listeners boosted the success of platforms like Spotify, and especially the playlist feature. Spotify playlist curators have become the gatekeepers to the most sought-after playlists. Before the age of Spotify, upcoming artists would pitch their music to managers and radio stations in the hope of being chosen and signed to a music contract. 

In the modern era, rising music artists have the option of pitching their music to Spotify playlist curators, the equivalent of sending a cassette tape to the manager of a radio station or music record manager from the 80s and 90s.  

How to pitch your music to Spotify playlist curators

Pitch your tunes to playlist curators to be included on Spotify playlists that are popular with your specific demographic and fit your category. Once the Spotify playlist curators have chosen your music, they help you gain listeners by adding your song to the appropriate playlist to give your music the most exposure possible and to increase the chances of your song being favorable among that particular playlist’s listeners.

This process sounds simple, however finding Spotify curators let alone their contact details can be a challenge. This is where a platform that is involved with connecting artists to playlist curators come into the picture. This platform helps artists make the best proposal to playlist curators, so you can share your soundtracks with the world and connect with the editors of the most relevant and successful Spotify playlists.

Get in touch with the top Spotify playlist creators

Spotify playlist curator databases offer you, as an upcoming artist, unparalleled exposure to the largest database of Spotify playlist editors, featuring difficult connections you won’t find anywhere else, through their unique Spotify playlist cartography.

Find playlists with music by similar artists.

As a music artist you can search for playlists by a similar artist’s names and genre in order to boost relevance and attract the proper listeners. This will increase the chance of a playlist curator accepting your offer. Choose mixes that feature well-known musicians who are similar to your music style. 

Budget-friendly, without obligation

This Spotify playlist promotion service gives artists complete visibility and direct management over their communication with Spotify curators of the finest Spotify playlist mixes. It helps you find playlist curators, and is budget friendly, while having been created by music artists themselves, for music artists. 

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