Three indie folk tracks that keep the spirit of the genre alive and well

Amy Stroup – “Something good”
-The first time I found Amy Stroup’s music, I was stunned by how good it is. Here we are, several years later, and I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the sweet melodies. This new track is exactly – and I mean exactly – the kind of sweet hearted folk music that puts a smile on my face. As someone who has been married to my college sweetheart for 16 years, I can definitely relate to the “something good” sentiment. We certainly have “all we need and more.” Stroup’s acoustic sentimentality and beautiful vocal drive this track with all the delightful sweetness in the world. It just feels SO GOOD. I am running out of adjectives for how much I like this. Just listen to it and share it with your own special someone. It’s perfect for them, too.

Heather May – “Job”
-The song is about a man named Job (like the Bible). But it’s set in contemporary context. May’s storytelling style is quintessential folk style. The melody really connects on this one. It feels like a classic folk song. The lyrics have that good natured descriptive style that is vivid yet allows the listener to picture the storyline as it unfolds. The guitar breaks are paced perfectly, giving the listener time to think about the sound. The comp here is Sheryl Crow, but Heather May certainly deserves to stand on her own merits. This is a great tune that feels right and hits lyrically. Give it a spin.

Our Atlantic Roots – “Golden hour”
-I’m not a photographer, but even I know what the golden hour is. The time when the sun highlights pretty much anything you’re looking at and makes images absolutely pop. That is the lyrical theme of the song, but… as with most folk songs it’s a metaphor about a relationship as well. It’s about the realization that we’re still in the great part of a relationship but we’re not so naive as not to believe that difficult times (the darkness) may be coming soon. The song’s main musical characteristic is folk instrumentation with great folk harmonies. It’s a song that feels like it’s greater than the sum of its parts. Much like a flower, beautiful in its own right, can be made more beautiful by perfect lighting. This is a good folk song structurally and lyrically, made even more beautiful by exceptionally good quality vocal harmonies.

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