Three acoustic rock tunes that will catch your attention immediately

Dan Petrich – “Wild times in the west”
-So the official word on the genre of this song is alt country and Americana, which is probably fair. But I definitely feel like there’s an acoustic rock energy to the sound here from Dan Petrich. The acoustic guitar takes center stage, but it’s Petrich’s expressive vocal style that brings the rest of the elements together. The grungy effect on the guitar does a great job of giving texture to the overall sound. This is a song unlike anything you’ve ever heard, so absolutely give it a spin and dig into the raw emotions of the track.

Harvey Jay Dodgson – “You belong to me”
-The title of this song feels like one of those memes about how font matters (or, in this case inflection). Saying someone “belongs” to you can be negatively possessive or positively reassuring. In this case, I believe it’s intended to mean the latter, with a connotation of belonging and connection. It’s an interesting track with a raspy, bluesy lead vocal and some fascinating guitar layers that create an ethereal vibe for the track. At the heart, it’s an acoustic rock track with a lyrical sentimentality, but it certainly stands out from the crowd of typical folk rock production.

Highline – “Overrun”
-The vibes on this song are absolutely amazing. The layers in the production feel like a mix of 60s rock with 90s alt. It’s just a whole vibe. The acoustic guitar and moving rock energy certainly define the spirit of the track. The soaring vocal and overall glowing/floating/vibing aesthetic is spectacular. The lyrical vibe has an alt rock style to it as well, waiting for something that’s not explicitly described. The overall mood of the track just feels right. Put it on your rock playlist and dig it every time you hear it. I know I’ll be enjoying this one for a long time to come.

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