Three Americana tracks to help bring in this late July weekend

Goldpine – “Wander away”
-There’s a sincerity to this track that emerges immediately. The easy comparison for Goldpine is the folk duo Shovels and Rope. There’s a similar vibe between the two bands that carries over a somewhat rowdy folk energy with rich harmonies. This track definitely has some unique production decisions. There’s some use of reverb that makes it sound like the band is recording either in a massive cathedral or a deep cave. The lyrics are about encouraging someone to leave their former life to come be together. It’s got a sincere hopefulness mixed into the message.

Sons of Atticus – “Sad songs”
-The acoustic guitar at the heart of this song does a nice job of introducing the listener to the quality of the lead vocal. It’s got a kind of Chris Stapleton sincerity and swing to it. I appreciate the walking bass line and how it keeps the song moving along. The lyrics are about running out of sad songs to sing because enough time has passed to help him heal. It’s a really sweet concept. I will say I like the genre blending here. The steel guitar makes it feel a little country, the lyrical theme is certainly blues, and the overall instrumentation has a sort of rock-infused Americana style to it. All told, it’s a great tune.

Henry Birkett – “I’m in the band”
-This is a rowdy, raucous Americana tune that’s for fans of older style rockabilly style music. Birkett’s lyrical concept is about getting into a bar because he’s in the band. It’s about the rock n’ roll and honky tonk lifestyle. It highlights a parallel between music contexts of a rock bar and a country honky tonk. The reputation of being “with the band” helps him to impress a woman. It’s an interesting lyrical style reminiscent of a variety of classic rock and classic country artists. I appreciate that there are still people making rowdy music like this to celebrate the roots of these now-polished genres.

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