Three acoustic folk singer songwriters to bring cool in this hot July weather

Emma Hamel – “Twenty”
-This is a gentle, sweet song and it’s my challenge to older readers not to have a sense of being jaded when listening to the song. Don’t say, “oh honey… you have no idea.” If you really listen there’s a lot of wisdom here. Hamel writes with a real sense of rootedness and humility. Fans of Dodie Clark and Tessa Violet will find a lot to like about the contemplative, sincere songwriting style. It’s a little folksy, a little sweet, and goes in some really wonderful directions. I love the quality of the vocal and the approachability of the melody. This is a gorgeous piece of songwriting and you should all listen to it.

Michael Dunstan – “Becoming somebody”
-If you’re looking for an acoustic singer songwriter, give Dunstan a spin. There’s a whimsical light energy to the track that made it immediately stand out for me. The way the vocal parallels the piano and guitar in different sections makes it feel unique. It’s a coming of age story about finding contentment. As someone who had a very different career arch than what I had charted as a young person, this song’s focus on “ego” resonates in a deeply personal way. The combination of quality songwriting with relatable lyrics makes this one a definite “yes” for me. I hope you’ll consider it as well.

Cole Swenson – “You’re all I have”
-We don’t often find good pure love songs, but this is a beautiful piece of songwriting. Swenson writes this a romantic sincerity that is easy to hear. The calming acoustic energy allows the lyrics to come through honestly. The choral backing makes for some delightful rising emotional moments. The instrumental breaks for guitar and piano allow a bit of space for the lyrics that follow to permeate even more. There’s a sweetness to this one that we rarely hear in folk these days and we’re happy to support it.

Image courtesy: Emma Hamel IG

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