Three new Americana tracks to swing you into the weekend

Ernest Aines – “Yellowstone”
-There’s a sincerity and tone to this track from Ernest Aines that’s sure to win over a lot of fans right away. It’s a kind of Americana that feels like it has history riding on its back. If you’ve ever been to Yellowstone, you’ll know why it commands such a serious posturing. It has vast open spaces as well as the seriousness of nature’s cycle of life and death. The brooding folk energy comes through on the guitars as well as the vocal for this track, but it’s the pounding percussion that makes it feel just right for the theme. It’s nice when a song has continuity from melody, production, and lyrics.

Peter Lehndorff – “Don’t be discouraged”
-If you’re a fan of the late great John Prine, you’ll find a lot to like about this song from Peter Lehndorff. It’s got a great storytelling vibe about life being bleak but trying to maintain a good attitude. The overall energy of the track is whimsical and has moments of humor, but there’s also a common thread of pessimism that definitely resonates. It’s one of those songs that you listen to because it sounds good and makes you laugh, but then you can’t help but actually be discouraged because “it’s bound to get worse.” Great tune. Tragic lyrics. All true.

Eli Gable – “All out”
-If you’re a fan of acoustic singer songwriters, you’ll find a lot to like about Eli Gable’s latest song. There’s a solid driving acoustic guitar that is the forefront of the piece. Gable’s vocal soars with a strong sense of conviction on verse and chorus alike. The thing that makes the chorus really stand out, though, is the rest of the band comes in on the “I’m all out” lyric, making it stand out well. This is a song that begs to be sung with a group of people. If you’ve ever been in a relationship that had miscommunication about the level of commitment, this track will hit home. It’s got elements of pop rock, but has a great acoustic singer songwriter core that we think our readers will really enjoy.

Image courtesy: Eli Gable IG

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