Three indie pop tracks to liven your midweek

Jenny Kern – “I should lose you”
-If you’ve been around ETTG for a while, you know the name Jenny Kern. She’s got a fantastic voice. It’s nice to hear this new track “I should lose you” with its high energy and engaging lyrics. The beat makes it feel like a big festival pop track but the mix is so well done that you can still hear each well-expressed lyric. Kern’s vocal is certainly the best part of the song. I dig the beat and the main lyrical theme of fearing the end of a waning relationship is one that a lot of people will connect with. Give it a spin and enjoy the beat and singing along with the engaging chorus.

Maddie Ettrich – “Decaying candles”
-There’s an expressive sincerity to this track that made it stand out for me immediately. The lyrical theme is about the time after a party… that feeling that not just one party but “the party” stage of life is over. There’s a lyrical maturity to the song that I admire a great deal. A lot of the song is about the “seasons” of life, which is certainly something that I feel in a personal way lately. The soaring vocals and delicate layers make the song really special. I would suspect that Ettrich didn’t write this song for a late-30s suburban dad, but I have to say that it resonates… almost embarrassingly so. This is a fantastic song that I’ll be putting in my personal rotation moving forward.

The Fin – “Is there any space on the moon?”
-Pop rock is one of my favorite genres and it has been for a long time, actually. So when I ran across this track from The Fin, it captured my attention right from the opening power chords. The more I listened, though, I realized that this is a pretty sophisticated piece of songwriting. There’s a lyrical core to the song about the complexity of dealing with your own mistakes and wanting to just leave the situation forever. I appreciate the pop punk elements and how they package the lyrical depth of the track; this is more than a scream-it-at-the-show anthem. Every part of the track is a hit – the vocal, guitars, and up tempo rhythm section all work together to create an absolute jam rock track. Give it a spin!

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