Three Americana tunes that will steal your heart this July

Denitia – “All the sweet tea”
-Name something more appropriate to a southern summer time than sweet tea… you can’t! It’s the perfect image and flavor. Denitia is an artist that we’ve been featuring here in the past few months and this new track makes it easy to hear why. The calming Americana energy does a nice job of filling the gap between the more aggressive modern Americana and the easy going throwback style. The harmonies are really nicely done on this one. The lyrical images work nicely with the approachable melody. It’s a wonderful song that’s well worth including in your summer playlist.

J. Dewveall – “Trouble and truth”
-You can call it soul or gospel, but this song… this. is. a. song. with. SOUL. There’s a beautiful unhurried honesty in the opening that cues the listener that the song is about to open up… and when it does, it feels like the real dang thing. Organ, guitar, and vocal… it’s a song that takes off and flies away all on its own. The lyrical concept works really well, too. If you’ve ever been between the trouble and the truth, you won’t need it to be explained. If you haven’t ever been there, you probably just need to live a little longer. I love when a song manages to speak to a part of myself that I thought I had long since packed away. But here we are… feeling those feelings all over again.

Zachary Scott Kline – “Saint Cecelia”
-The easy comparison with Kline is probably a recent act like Jason Isbell, but I actually hear a lot of older artists in his sound as well. There’s definitely some Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen energy in the song. That said, I hope that listeners will take the song on its own merits. Lines about the rent being due and coming home… accessible real life feelings… works as a quintessential Americana rock song. “If I could tell you straight that I’m lying to your face.” What a line. I mean, this is the kind of songwriting that doesn’t come along very often… a few times a year, to be honest. Kline’s writing and sincerity in this track is evident. Give it a spin and take it in.

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