Three unique Americana tracks to get your toes tappin this weekend

Mookie and the Bab – “Passing through”
-The acoustic style of this track won my heart right away. Then the vocal entered… with a crooning sincerity and charming lyricism… and I was hooked on Mookie and the Bab. Fans of Rayland Baxter and similar songwriters in the modern Americana tradition will really like this track. Once it picks up the pace, it really feels like a dance tune with a lot of spirit to it. The duo vocals slide into great harmonies on the chorus, making for a festive and endearing sound. This is what Americana is all about and we’re happy to support the heck out of it here.

Reid Bros. – “Ease my worried mind”
-There’s a lot to like about the energy of this track; it reminds me of a sound that blends together the best of 70s light rock with modern Americana. I hear everything from Eagles to Chris Stapleton in parts of this track. I like the way the accessible lyrics help to draw in the listener while the driving rhythm keeps the whole production moving along. If you’ve ever found someone that makes you feel better when you’re with them, someone who can literally ease your worried mind, then this song will resonate. I can safely say that it made me think of my wife of 16 years, so I definitely appreciate this one personally.

Jacob Milstein – “Lonesome in your skin”
-Call it roots country or Americana, but this is a fascinating piece of songwriting from Jacob Milstein. From the first time I clicked play on the track, something about it felt like the good old days. The lyrical message is vintage, too. If you’ve ever looked at someone who is truly lonesome, you can see it in their body language and face. Milstein captures this sentiment. Some of the aspects of the instrumentation and production are a bit more avant garde than what we typically feature, but the core message of the song works really well. It’s worth spotlighting here.

Image courtesy: Jacob Milstein IG

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