Three singer songwriters you’ll want for a calming playlist

Lewis Knaggs – “I’ll survive”
-It’s hard to put a genre tag on this song because it has elements of pop, folk, and of course the amorphous term “singer songwriter.” Here’s what I do know about this song, though. It’s beautiful. Knaggs has the uncanny ability to express his heart in song. The poetic lyrical turns in the song really make it stand out in a crowded pop folk scene currently. The message of endurance in the face of heartache is really inspiring. Add this to your singer songwriter playlists and you’ll never be disappointed. Fans of songwriters like David Gray will find a lot to like here.

Steven Denmark – “Only home I need”
-Meeting at the connection between country and pop music, Steven Denmark has written a song that feels like it could have been cut in the mid 90s by any number of classic artists. There’s a bright energy to the composition that feels like a Nashville style from a bygone era. Denmark’s lyrics are about being with that someone special. The clear intention in the lyrics remind me of those straightforward songs from guys like George Strait and Tim McGraw. It’s a love song and it cuts right to the quick.

Morgan Rickman – “I just knew”
-If you’re looking for a delightfully poetic song, give this track from Morgan Rickman a shot. It’s got a thoughtfulness to it that makes it lyrically stand out from the crowd. The strings in the background give it a bit of a chamber folk style as well. The overall mix feels like it could have been used in a musical. That said, the colorful energy of the track adds some unexpected complexities that make for a truly special piece of singer songwriter work.

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