Three indie rock tunes to bring some intriguing textures to the modern rock world

Castells – “Low”
-There’s an up tempo energy to this track that really stands out. The dynamic mix on the guitars is particularly strong here. The soaring vocal style reminds me a bit of the pop punk band Sum41. The overall style is sure to connect for folks who appreciate my indie rock picks over the past several years. Castells have an excellent harmony-driven pop punk sound that deserves your attention.

S.E. Webster – “Bleeding in the dark”
-This is a “wow” track for me. The artful combination of styles works really well on this track. The main style feels like an indie folk rock vibe, but there’s something about the harmony structure that reminds me a lot of 60s classic rock as well. There are even some psychedelic elements in the guitar mix here. The lead vocal reminds me some of Rusty Clanton; the combination makes for a magical and entertaining rock fusion that really stands out in today’s rock scene.

Calamity the Kid – “All of my friends will die in the end”
-There’s a vibrant syncopated energy to this track that makes it immediately catch the listener’s attention. Then, as you listen more, there’s a wonderful resonance on the lead vocal that creates depth in the production mix. The combination makes for a sound that you’ve never heard before but will want in your life. The captivating and dynamic production mix makes the melancholy lyrical message work well. In the end, it is a creative wish to be the one who dies first so you don’t have to endure the pain of losing the rest of your friends. What a wild (but probably true) thought!

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