Three folksy Americana tunes that’ll steal your attention today

Dustin Dale Gaspard – “Further I walk”
-Take a dash of gospel, add in a portion of throwback country, and a wonderful lead vocal… here’s the recipe for this excellent track from Dustin Dale Gaspard. Something about the organ and the steel guitar working together on this track absolutely stands out for me. It’s clearly a unique and engaging piece of songwriting. Gaspard’s vocal tone fits perfectly with the genre. The production balance is quite outstanding and we’re happy to support this sound on our Americana playlist.

Paige Hargrove – “Julianne”
-If you’re looking for a thoughtful, emotional singer songwriter, check out Paige Hargrove’s new song “Julianne.” The heart of the song is sentimentality, affection directed toward the object of the song’s affection. The colorful songwriting shows an expressive sense of connection. “I try to tell myself ‘never,’ but I keep coming back again.” The lonesome fiddle sound highlight’s the sincerity of the lead vocal perfectly. The song feels like a longing, heartaching country song. It’ll sooth your soul or make you cry, but there ain’t no in between.

Ryan Dashiell – “Home”
-There are a lot of songs titled home… more than I could count. So when a new song called “Home” comes along it has a really high burden to stand out. Let me tell you, Dashiell’s authenticity comes through with every plucked string and vocal inflection. “When I am with you I am home.” Anyone who has ever been genuinely in love will appreciate the heartfelt sentiment of this song. There’s a great connection to the past with a refreshing style that works well. The fiddle work on this one really helps create a bridge from verse to verse. If you’re putting together a roots country or Americana playlist, throw this one there and love it every time you hear it.

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