Three singer songwriters who write lyrics that will stop you in your tracks

Rainlights – “When my phone dies”
-This is a beautiful piece of social commentary in the guise of a sweet, soft indie pop song. Rainlights has a gorgeous lead vocal and a delicate production style that works perfectly for the song. There’s an energy to the piano and lyrical message that remind me of Bo Burnham’s masterful social commentary on Inside. Rainlights make us awaken from our tech slumber to think about writing letters and having meaning behind our expressions of love. It’s beautifully expressed and much needed.

Jules Renner – “Cherished”
-From the first time I heard this track, I knew it was something special. The vocal feels familiar yet stands out from the crowd. Each expressive electric guitar line feels carefully crafted and intentional. When the lyrics bounce around the concept of self discovery and exploration, it comes back to a grateful sentiment toward an old friend. If you’ve gone on some adventures and miss people who had an impact on your past, this song will encourage some pretty strong emotions. I’ve been blessed to have some real ones in my life, too, so this song definitely “struck a chord” with me as well. Renner’s confidently gentle songwriting style works well for the type of indie folk we like to feature, too.

PHIE – “Wildflowers”
-If you’ve been around our site for a while, you’ve heard PHIE in the past. The expressive, emotional lyrical style and lush electronic pop work is a signature for PHIE’s beautiful work. This latest track “Wildflowers” works well in a similar vein. There’s a nature theme throughout the song that highlights the possibilities of a relationship. There’s hope delicately sprinkled in the composition. It’s a look toward what could be. The sweet bird chirps fit in nicely here. The piano and lead vocal provide a perfect basis for a message about the opportunities that arise and disappear in life. It’s a far more existential song that meets the ear and it’s certainly worth your thoughtful consideration.

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