Three fabulous indie pop tracks that will make you want to cuddle up with your feelings

Mree – “Some days”
-I think Mree was one of the first YouTubers that I ever officially followed with the ETTG YouTube account. It’s easy to hear why we love her voice so much listening to this track. It’s got a timeless quality to it. It’s also as pure as the driven snow. Mree has an ability to be articulate even with a vibey energy. This song feels like it could have come from a classic mid-70s R&B record. The production has a perfectly delicate balance to it, allowing the vocal to be situated right in the midst of the sound while the bass provides a baseline and the strings/keys combine for a sweet energy over the top. The combination is pure ear candy and a mood that’s great for self reflection.

Kaeley Jade – “Ego”
-Every once in a while I find a track that seems like a textbook definition of a genre; this song is quintessential indie pop for me. Everything from the power in the voice (which is not out of place being compared with Adele) to the layering in the production mix feels like pure indie pop style. The easy point to highlight here is the vocal, of course, but really the full composition is spectacular. It’s got a fantastic use of dynamics, allowing the calm intimate parts to pull the listener in while the strong vocal flourishes blow the listener back. It’s an entire, dynamic adventure and we invite our readers to give this one a spin.

The Guest Room – “Take your time” ft. Adison Rice
-There’s a soulful vibe to this track that feels just right. It’s a bit throwback and a bit contemporary. But what I like most is how purely mixed the track is. The lead vocal cuts through, but the guitars and keys are really well balanced. The glowing energy definitely feels like an intimate, meaningful mood. If you’ve ever dreamed of being with someone and struggled to find the exact words to express what you mean or want, this track is for you. It’s a whole vibe.

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