Three indie folk tracks that will remind you why you follow this site

Big Little Lions – “Inside out”
-The easy going piano style here works as a wonderful basis for an energetic indie folk style that takes off later in the track. The harmonies, as always with Big Little Lions, are great. The combination of the optimistic energy and great harmonies definitely make this a track we’re happy to support. I don’t make this comparison often, but it’s been a long since a band made me feel like I felt when I found Good Old War; Big Little Lions are doing that for me this year… and I am oh so thankful for it.

Riley Pearce – “Nostalgia”
-The acoustic guitar energy from this track is enough to get a feature on its own. There’s a brightness to it that really resonates. But Pearce is no slouch vocally, telling a story and pulling the listener into the adventure. If you’ve ever tried to return to a time or place in your life that is long since gone, this track will permeate your soul. The lyric, “we grow up and we get old” hit this middle-aged guy a little more poignantly than I care to admit. Even still, it’s a gentle headspace and a thoughtful reflection that is well worth exploration.

SHEAL – “Wallpaper”
-“When the wrecking ball came it destroyed you and I.” Wow. That’s an image. It’s a great line that’s part of a beautifully well written folk tune. The melody has a brightness and energy that absolutely pops from the strings. The vocal has depth and sincerity that, frankly, surprises me with each new listen. The combination of a meaningful lyrical base and an authentic vocal, threaded together with an expressive and unique guitar part… it’s honestly a special piece of songwriting. That line about forgetting how the night time made you… whew. I’m going to need to sit with this one a bit more and I’m not mad about it. This is a genuine work of art.

Image courtesy: SHEAL IG

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