Three indie pop tracks that stand out from the crowd

Ben Abraham – “Another falling star”
-Ben Abraham is killing it with this new album. This is the third track we’ve heard from it and we’ve liked them all. The bright energy of the piano really sets the baseline for Abraham’s solid pop vocal style. The expressive lyrics invite the listener to clap along and join in on the chorus, especially. The subtle vocal harmonies give additional texture to the track. But… no matter what I say here about the lyrics, the selling point of this song is always going to be Abraham’s vocal. Sweet, smooth, and delightful.

The Assist – “Daydream”
-Pounding the pavement on the border between pop and rock, The Assist bring a snappy new track called “Daydream.” It’s a song about not losing sight of your dreams no matter how difficult it is. The song is an anthem for perseverance. I appreciate the energetic style of the track. If you’re looking for an up tempo pop song for a bit of motivation whether it’s working out or getting through a difficult patch in life, this is a good song to add to your playlists.

The Talbott Brothers – “Us”
-If you’re looking for a love song, this is the one. The Talbott Brothers bring another level to intimacy on this track. It’s about being with a lover. The atmospheric mix is really special on this one. The recording style provides a lot of space in the sound, which allows the excellent vocals to really soar. It reminds me of a perfect genre-crossover hit. This is one that could be popular amongst pop and soft rock style radio stations. I’d love for this one to take off because it’s such a wholesome message with a powerful romantic sentiment.

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