Three easy going rock tracks that keep the chill vibes going

Jude Moses – “Isle of Skye”
-If you’re a fan of 70s harmony-driven folk rock music, you will love this new track from Jude Moses. The easy comparison would be a band like the Eagles (who I love), but the energy really feels like a nice mix of the past and the present. The lead vocal is good, but the harmonies are really what make the song pop for me. It’s definitely a fun loving, upbeat chill rock piece that would find itself right at home on a wide range of chill rock or even folk playlists. Add it to yours and dig it every time it comes on!

Andrew Worley – “Echoes”
-If you’re a fan of folk-rooted chill rock music (and hey, you’re in the right place!) you will find a lot to like about Andrew Worley’s songwriting style. The acoustic guitar work here is really well done. Worley’s lead vocal has a crisp, narrative expressiveness in the vein of James Taylor. The combination of guitar and vocal are quite enjoyable put in good production balance here. Worley’s songwriting reminds me of the important point that we are the sum of our experiences; our past blends into our present. It’s an easy going rock track with some unexpectedly intriguing existential reflections.

Ruby Sparks – “Realization”
-The rock-based energy of this track throws it back to a 60s harmony group style. Even once the guitars enter the track, the vocal “oohs” and “ahhs” maintain a prominent role in the track. The punctuated lead vocal style drives home a social commentary message. The lyrics are about coming to the realization that the world is constantly in flux and that people have to make adjustments along the way. It’s definitely a message that fits within the folk rock tradition of music and thoroughly befitting the 21st century.

Image courtesy: Jude Moses IG

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