Three Americana tracks keeping the past alive and casting hope for the future

Francis Skyes – “Won’t let go”
-The optimism in this song is beautiful. The instrumentation and composition absolutely matches the magic of the lyrics on this one. Skyes sings with sincerity. The song permeates through the air and into the listener’s heart. The understated production style makes for thoughtfully engaging folk style. It’s unhurried in the best way possible.

Garrett Heath – “In tall buildings” (John Hartford cover)
-If you’re not familiar with the old folksy country songwriter John Hartford, he’s worth checking out for sure. But today we’re here to talk about Garrett Heath’s cover of one of Hartford’s most well known songs, “In tall buildings.” It’s a social commentary of the highest order, discussing the anomie experienced in contemporary white collar work. Hartford’s lyrics posit an oppositional perspective towards that work, yet knowing it is a necessity. Heath works his own wonder in reigniting the passionate lyrics of the iconic song. Heath’s inflections, pacing, and overall authenticity suit the song particularly well. Also, if you’re a fan of a good harmonica solo (and who isn’t!?) then this performance is sure to sooth your weary soul.

Erika Lewis – “Unsatisfied”
-Take a dash of rock n’ roll, sprinkle in some blues, and give it a kick in the @$$… that’s pretty much the formula for this driving rock anthem from Erika Lewis titled “Unsatisfied.” The balance from the guitar, the vocal, the harmonica, and the rhythm section all feels like a throw back to an earlier era. There’s a gritty, rootsy style to the rock that makes it feel like mid-50s style that has a coarse authenticity that we rarely hear from the polished sounds of indie rock today. It’s the grit that gets me. This feels like it was written to be a soundtrack to a period piece about mid-20th century America and we’re here for it.

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