Three indie folk tracks to set the mood for this coming weekend

The Sweeplings – “Shipwrecks”
-If you’ve been around ETTG for a while, you will know this band! The Sweeplings are a folk duo that continue to steal my heart all over again with each new release. There’s a brightness to this track “Shipwrecks” that gives the listener a sense of anticipation right away. By the time the vocal harmonies and the banjo enter the track, it’s already got a wonderful sense of folk momentum. It’s great to hear such lightness and groundedness in the same track. Of course I love the harmonies, but the whole production balance (especially the vocals) on this is incredible. This is quintessential “indie folk” and we are pumped to feature it here on our site.

Rua – “Love that’s yet to come”
-The track begins with a simple piano part that leads into an exceptional vocal. I don’t like to use the adjective “angellic” with vocals (because it’s a loaded term in many ways), but the two vocals here blend in some pretty divine ways. The simplicity of the composition allows the two vocals to connect incredibly well. It’s a great hopeful song that could work for a wedding song. It’s about loving together and hoping for the love that is yet to grow. What a gloriously hopeful message… and, pardon my redundancy, an incredible vocal part.

Billianne – “Simply the best”
-This is a cover of a Tina Turner song, but it’s so reimagined it hardly is a “cover” in the traditional sense. This is a beautiful reinterpretation of a familiar song. Billianne’s vocal is gentle and comforting. There’s a poetic sense to the lyrics that I never heard before this version. It’s not a driving dance anthem so much as a poetic, gentle folk tune. It’s beautifully executed. I look forward to hearing more from Billianne.

Image courtesy: Billianne IG

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