Three captivating Americana tunes you have to hear to believe

Rob Europe – “Saddle River”
-If you’re a fan of expressive vocals, give Rob Europe a chance. This song drips with bluesy goodness and brooding sincerity. The acoustic guitar does a great job of setting the mood. The effect on the vocal makes it cut through the air like a knife. The overall composition emerges with a great sense of authenticity and truth telling. This is the genuine article and one of the reasons why we continue to love and support Americana music.

Tyler Giles – “Time don’t heal”
-If you’re looking for a slice of philosophy with your music, give Giles a spin on this track “Time don’t heal.” It’s about the pain of being broken hearted not going away with time (as people so often repeat). It’s an expressive and enjoyable song, despite being so sad. Giles has an approachable, sincere vocal style that reminds me of classic country music. This one’s sure to tug on some heart strings.

Ocie Elliott – “With the lights down”
-We’ve covered Ocie Elliott several times in the past year or so. If you’re a fan of vocal harmonies and an accessible folk/Americana style, there’s a lot to love about this track. Elliott’s vocal feels like talking to an old friend. The unhurried, easy going phrasing is my favorite part. It’s almost like listening to a friend tell a story as much as a song. The lyrics are about staying rooted to the unchanging things (like the stars) despite what happens to us in life. It’s a beautiful existential reflection that has an easy, gentle energy to it.

Image courtesy: Ocie Elliott IG

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