Three acoustic singer songwriters you want for your playlists this March

Garrett Kato – “Drugstore Houses”
-If you’re looking for an atmospheric pop-infused acoustic song, check out this one from Garrett Kato. It’s got some big, complex production influences. The lyrics are a bit nostalgic, making listeners think about years before. The lyric “this town can be the best and the worst” really resonates. Even if you have moved away from your home town, there’s a visceral connection to people from that place. I definitely enjoyed the feels trip this track took me on.

Holden Miller – “She’ll still be”
-There’s a sweetness to this song that’s kind of hard to put into words. It’s in the acoustic, it’s in the lead, and it’s definitely richly and brightly in the backing vocals. This is a folk song, sure, but it’s also some little slice of magic. I am not sure exactly how a songwriter can come up with something with such a whimsical spirit, but I am happy to feature it here. I can’t help but think a little bit of Alice and Wonderland when I listen to this. I mean that as a dear, dear compliment. This is beautiful.

Woodlock – “We gotta go”
-The atmospheric energy in the opening of this track is wonderful; it sets the stage with a soft and open sense of space. The dynamics rise and fall with the storyline of the track. The open spaces allow for things like traffic noise to creep into the mix in an intentional, contemplative way. In a twist that we don’t hear much in folk pop music, there’s even a soaring saxophone in a few places. It’s definitely a unique track in the singer songwriter vein.

Image courtesy: Holden Miller IG

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