Three tracks navigating the line between Americana and indie rock

Electric Candlelight – “Don’t turn”
-When I found this track, I immediately sent it to a family member and said that it sounds like Creedence having a jam session with Led Zeppelin. He said, “spot on.” I love this sound that combines two iconic brands of rock. It’s a bit of Americana and rock. It’s one of the best rock songs I’ve heard in the past few years. Everything works form the guitar to the gravelly vocal and the up tempo bluesy energy. This is a rock jam that deserves to get airplay on every major rock station. This one is definitely going to be a song of the year candidate for me. I find it hard to believe that any rock track can slap harder than this in 2022.

Coach Phillips – “M Hurley”
-If you’re looking for a thoughtful, engaging piece of songwriting, check out Coach Phillips’ latest “M Hurley.” It’s an acoustically driven song that has that indie rock soul even if it doesn’t blast out loud like a lot of rock anthems. Call it folk rock if you prefer; either way, this is an intriguing piece of songwriting. The effect on the vocal pulls the listener in to concentrate on the lyrics all the more. If you’ve ever felt a sense of regret and wanting a brighter future, you will connect with this sweet and thought provoking song.

Leo Dolan – “Breathlessness”
-Of course the vocal harmonies are my favorite part of this track, but it’s a really intriguing look at the concept of rock influenced folk music. There’s a subtle moving energy to the track that makes it defy genre. I’m not sure what to call it, but since the artist categorized it in both Americana and indie rock I guess it fits here. It’s poetic; it’s nostalgic; it’s introspective. This is a piece of artful, lyrically driven music that’s worth a contemplative, reflective listening session. Give it a chance and feel it as much as you hear it.

Image courtesy: Electric Candlelight IG

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