Three unconventional new rock tunes that stand out from the crowd

Ocean Flaws – “Karmageddon”
-If you’re looking for an unconventional rock track, check out the unique energy of Ocean Flaws’ track “Karmageddon.” It’s an up tempo and energetic style with some really fascinating elements in the background of the production. The synth work shows flashes of 80s vibes and the vocal soars over the production, allowing the listener to sing along (especially on the chorus). It’s a blend of 80s goodness with 90s alt rock edge, producing a truly unique sound.

Reeves – “Secrets”
-There’s a sauciness to this track from Reeves that definitely makes it stand out from the crowd. A bit bluesy, a bit clandestine, and a lot of raspy sincerity makes the song feel like it carves its own lane in the indie rock scene right now. The repeatable, easy to follow message of the chorus is about intimacy and connection. It’s about how we have to trust someone we’re in a relationship with for it to work. The gravelly, expressive energy of the vocal contrasts well with the smooth, melodic synthetic elements of the background track. It’s a beautiful mashup, for sure.

Jet City Sports Club – “She don’t need no one”
-The smooth, expressive energy of this track definitely feels like it toes the line between indie rock and indie pop. We’re here for it! The lead vocal is exceptionally well done, with little rises and bits of character that pull the listener right in. The soaring style on the chorus balances well with the punctuated indie rock energy of the guitars and drums in the background. The lyrics are a statement of independence. The anthemic style on the chorus around the midpoint of the song feels like it would have been quite at home in the 90s heyday of Warped Tour and Lilith Fair. It’s an unexpected but quite welcome mashup.

Image courtesy: Jet City Sports Club IG

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