Three swoon-worthy tracks right at the intersection of folk and indie pop

Sound of Honey – “City”
-If you’re looking for a relaxing style of indie pop music that feels like it’s influenced by folk music as well, give Sound of Honey’s impeccable “City” a chance. It’s an intriguing reflection on “getting away.” The image that pops into my mind listening to this, though, is a watercolor painting of an urban landscape. It’s a beautifully complex image with colors blending into one another, like the sights, sounds, and smells of city life. It’s rare to have such a powerfully evocative song, but Sound of Honey has created a beautiful piece of art here. Take some time to take it in.

Seph Cove – “August”
-I adore the spirit of this song; it’s acoustic folk in the opening and it continues to add layers. There’s a hauntingly beautiful character to the vocal harmonies. The darker, deeper vocal feels almost surreal. The combination really makes the song emerge from the crowd. As the vocal soars on the chorus, it’s evident that the song isn’t your grandparents’ folk music; this is a truly exceptional piece of production art. The layers and harmonies on this song are absolutely INCREDIBLE. This isn’t just a song so much as an example of stunning audio engineering.

Juliet Sunflower – “just like all the love songs”
-Take an old school country artist, a folkstress like Joni Mitchell, and a dash of modern production… then mix in some of the most endearingly sincere lyrics you have ever heard… yep, that’s Juliet Sunflower’s latest song “just like all the love songs.” Somewhat ironically, it’s not like most love songs because it’s so much better than most. The lyrics stand out. The vocal stands out. It’s about devotion and dedication, some sentiments many people could benefit from adopting. Everything in this production from the acoustic guitar to the beautifully pure lead vocal feels just spot-on perfect for the message of the song. This one is a sweet little gem.

Image courtesy: Seph Cove IG

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