Three engaging Americana tunes for your Friday

Ludlow – “Take me back to July”
-Sometimes I find a song and I think “there’s nothing I can say about this song… so I wish people would just click play and listen.” This is one of those songs. The vocal says everything worth saying; the lyrics are pointed and meaningful. If you’ve ever felt like your heart was shattered by a breakup, this song will resonate. The instrumentation and composition is outstanding; the easy going swing belies the deep significance of the lyrics. The fiddle provides a sense of character that works perfectly with the sincerity of the vocal. This is more country than 99% of what’s on the radio, but we’ll call this Americana and everyone wins. This is an incredible piece of songwriting and performance.

Wild Whispers – “Trace the lines”
-The optimistic energy of this track is infectious from first listen. There might be a few comparable bands, but Wild Whispers make me feel the way I did when I first heard Mumford and Sons. It’s equal parts joy and introspection. The harmonies on this do a great job of pulling the listener in. The percussive clapping element directly invites the listener to join in. This is a participatory style of folk music that is sure to be a good time to hear live.

Ol Whitetail – “Low in the laurels”
-If you’re a fan of calming acoustic work and poetic lyricism, give this song a spin. There’s an old time flavor that comes through in the composition and performance. Everything from the vocal to the guitar and the fiddle all feel like they were captured in another era. The song toes the line between folk revival and classic roots country beautifully well. This is a gem.

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