Three chilled out indie pop tracks for your chill vibes playlist

Au Gres – “do you think we’re old enough”
-This is an exceptional piece of indie pop songwriting from Au Gres. The sonic layers are absolutely pleasing. The lead vocal captures the ethos of the track well; every lyric is crystal clear, conveying the meaning of this fabulously well-written song. There’s a rewarding forward momentum to the tempo and vibe of the track. The lyrical sentiment about being in too much of a rush looking forward to the future is captured well in the instrumentation. This is a beautifully relatable track that has vibes to match its meaning.

Alix Page – “True + Honest”
-The vocal is the centerpiece of this recording. Something about the intimate recording style here resonates well with me. There’s no glitz and glamor to the recording, which allows the lyrics to permeate in a sincere way. There are some emotionally complex lines and sentiments in this track. Even though it’s about a specific relationship, it has the power to be relatable to others as well. It’s a fascinating, approachable acoustic pop style that we’re happy to support.

Frankie Maurie – “Confessions”
-The backbeat on this track gives it a unique sense of momentum. There’s a chilled out energy that allows the lead vocal to shine through really well. If you’ve ever been in a relationship with an extra dose of intimacy, that just felt different than everyone else you’ve ever dated… this is a song that captures that sentiment. It’s just sweeter and better. Maurie’s charming writing style creates a mood that encapsulates the magic of that connection and those moments. It’s quintessential indie pop and we’re glad to have discovered this promising new songwriter.

Image courtesy: Frankie Maurie IG

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