Three beautiful genre-blending and genre-bending tracks for your consideration

Hayden Miles – “Oh Penny”
-I don’t know the story behind this song’s genesis, but I really appreciate how clearly the vocal comes through. The bluesy pop rock style establishes a groove that’s easy to enjoy for listeners of a wide variety of genres. Miles has an approachable vocal style that reminds me of what people like about popular artists like Jimmy Buffett or Alan Jackson; it’s all about being able to sing along and relate to the sound. Miles makes his affection for “Penny” evident here and brings listeners into the story about cutting lose to leave everything behind and be together. It’s great.

Marshall – “when the day is done”
-I’m a big fan of well-executed production; Marshall have a fantastic sound here that allows the listener to follow every word and feel every melodic movement. The kickdrum brings a rooted percussive quality to the sound. The atmospheric style of the mix creates a sense of space. I can’t help but think of soaring, of taking off. I love the mix between the sense of self reflection as it meets a desire to succeed. The easy comparison here is Mumford and Sons, but honestly Marshall has a unique sound worthy of consideration for fans of indie folk and related genres.

Twin + Earth – “Solace”
-This song is in no hurry. It’s an cool, calm song with inclinations of folk, classic rock, and Americana. The relaxed style and expressive vocal work really well here. Everything from the lead guitar to the backing piano and violin works to make an emotive, meaningful track. The bluesy piano break really sets the track apart from the crowd. It’s a song that feels like people who love music really vibing on the performance. It’s a treat and you should definitely give it a spin.

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