Three captivating new Americana tracks for your late January enjoyment

Maximiliano – “Step off”
-There’s a lonesomeness to this track that struck me right away. It’s a kind of Americana that has appealed to me for many years. The lonesome sincerity in the vocal works perfectly with the acoustic guitar here. The sense of space in the recording (thanks reverb!) really makes the sound resonate through the room. It’s a dash of a lot of classic folk music, but something about the full composition reminds me of what I like about Water Liars. This is the genuine article and we’re happy to support it.

Eva Rose King – “Seabirds”
-The maturity and clarity of this recording captured my heart right away. There’s a subtle sweetness to the rhythm section that provides an excellent base for King’s exceptional vocal style. The overall composition comes together for something that feels both old fashioned and freshly inviting. I guess I’m partial to the texture that the stand-up bass and steel guitar bring here, but the blend of these elements make for a deeply satisfying Americana sound. We’ll be keeping our ears open for more from this talented emerging artist.

Patina – “Misgivings”
-The horns in the opening give the track a direction that is a bit different than the guitar-driven sound that makes up the majority of the track. That said, the full production style works for this track specifically. The lyrics are about “making a home,” basically helping one another through the rough patches. It’s got a bluesy energy combined with a pop rock sensibility; the combination works great for the feel-good-even-when-life-is-tough sentiment throughout the lyrics. Oh… and… not to spoil it… but stick around for the organ solo.

Image courtesy: Maximiliano IG

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