Three truly unique Americana track showing the breadth of the genre

Sad Daddy – “Arkansas Bound”
-When I accepted this track, my first thought was “wow, this singer sounds a lot like Melissa Carper.” Then, after I read who was in the band, I realized that my ears did not betray me; it is Melissa Carper! This band is an old time Americana sound that is exactly what helped us fall in love with the genre years ago. Everything from the harmonica to the fiddle and Carper’s distinctive, old fashioned vocal flavor all make for a perfect blend. You could put this in a collection of old time music from the 50s and no one would realize that it’s from 2022. It’s a captivating, easy listening song that gives off the energy of the Appalachian American South.

Grace Theisen – “Down to the river”
-I left a comment on the Soundcloud link for this song where I said, “This is a banger.” I mean it, too. This song packs a powerful blues rock punch that will put listeners in the mind of another Grace… Potter. But this Grace… Theisen… stands on her own merits on this track. The “down to the river” metaphor of baptism works really well here, although the sentiment of the song (supported by the shift in tone on the bridge) leads the listener to believe that this is more siren than saint, more temptation than purification. That said, the powerful blues rock energy makes the song perfect for a playlist for a fun night out with friends. I can almost taste the beer and smell the smoke when I listen to this track.

BJ Fisher – “Where you’re coming from”
-The phrasing on this song is like a clinic for songwriters. Fisher’s use of space in the vocal balances beautifully with the cathartic electric guitar work. The blend of the sounds makes for something poetically invigorating and hauntingly sincere. There’s an energy, almost a desperation, in the vocal that creates a distinctive message in the song. If you want to hear what a heart sounds like, spin this track from BJ Fisher. This is more than a love song; it’s the cry of a heart opened confessionally for the world to see.

Image courtesy: Grace Theisen IG

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