Three rowdy indie rock jams to get you pumped for this December

llampaca and Doran Danoff – “Don’t Give Up”
-If you’re looking for a funky rock jam, check out this track “Don’t Give Up.” The lyrical concept is simple and straightforward: don’t give up and don’t give in. It’s got a really nice funky groove to it. The retro vibes definitely make the track feel good. It’s sure to make even the most uptight too-cool folks to move their feet… or their whole bodies. This one slaps and I hope you’ll spin it as much as I have since discovering it.

Ralfy – “mr sexy”
-You can probably tell right from the start that this is an incredible feel-good song. It’s about being happy with who you are… and dancing! The up tempo energy is flavored with little percussive details (is that a xylophone?) that make it feel like a really good time. It’s like listening to a big time party. In fact, I would definitely consider this for a dance party playlist in a heartbeat. Even the little phone call bit in the middle is a nice spot to catch your breath out on the dancefloor and the chorus just begs for a singalong with the crowd. I hope these guys tour the US because I’d love to party with other people who enjoy music like this!!!

Cavalcade – “Dreaming about”
-There’s an angsty energy to this track that works well. It’s about a broken relationship and dreaming about what could have been. The attitude is evident from the lead singer, allowing a lot of emotion to come through in every powerful line. The guitars, bass, and percussion do a really nice job of creating a full sound that continues to propel the track forward. The production mix with the vocal harmonies is particularly well done. The whole track has a tight, energetic alt rock style to it that we’re happy to support.

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