Three new folk songs that stand out from the crowd

Mackin Carroll – “Vampires”
-The first thing I did when I heard this song was share it with a singer songwriter friend of mine. The energy is absolutely FANTASTIC. Not only does the up tempo vibe keep it moving, there’s also this sense of imminent danger that eminates from the track. You might think that wouldn’t be very relaxing, but the track is definitely intended to have some bite to it. This is about discomfort and paranoia; it’s a song about fear and being “angry and projecting.” This is a sophisticated song with some incredible folk rock stylings. I hope this one really takes off because it’s such an outstanding composition.

Ruby Greenberg – “Runaway”
-If you’re a fan of singer songwriters in the vein of Carole King, check out the incredible work of Ruby Greenberg. When I clicked on this song, my initial thought was one of wonder. Who is this talented artist and why haven’t I heard her before? Greenberg has a songwriting style that reminds me of the classics. The vocal is solid as well, but there’s something about the composition style that puts me in mind of King, Jackson C. Frank, and even James Taylor. It’s a classic folk-meets-pop from the “good old days” but with a contemporary flair and energy. This is a good one; give it a spin and share it with a friend.

Ben Robinson – “April showers”
-The opening of this song feels like listening to James Taylor. That was what initially caught my attention. The acoustic guitar and enjoyable lead vocal works together well. The more I listened to the track, the more the soothing vibes connect and bring it all together. It’s poetic and relaxing. If you’re looking for folk music to put on a playlist that will give transcendent acoustic guitar vibes, check out Ben Robinson’s work.

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