Three emerging singer songwriters that you’ll want on your playlists immediately

Alanna Gurr – “In gold”
-Something about the stylistic blend of this track stood out immediately to me. It’s a little bit Americana, a little bit rock, and a lot of charming style. Gurr’s vocal definitely connects with the listener. The lyrics are easy to follow and connect. It’s flirty and fun without being over the top. It’s about a romantic connection, but it has a timeless glow to it that’s sure to find a lot of fans among our readership. I’m not sure why, but the word that comes to mind every time I click play on this one is “charming.”

Big Little Lions – “Beat you up”
-If I gave an artist of the year award, Big Little Lions would definitely be nominated. It seems like every track they send ends up being a yes. The harmonies are simply divine. The overally composition style is quite endearing. The track is ultimately about perseverance and having understanding of what you’re going through. It’s about mental health in a way that feels genuine and abiding, rather than the trite advice that so many seem to share on social media. In a word, it RESONATES. This track feels like something deeper than the sum of its parts and I’m glad to share its message here.

Sonny Casey – “A thousand setting suns”
-“Does she make you happy? That’s all I want you to be.” This is an after-breakup message set to a song. It’s about loving someone that you’re not with anymore. It’s also super sweet and may or may not make you say “awww” more than once. And based on your own romantic past, it might also make you cry. Casey’s vocal is sweetly expressive and the lyrics are transcendent. This is a song that feels like a poem. It feels like a hug. It feels like a long walk in the deep woods. This is a beautiful piece of folk singer songwriter magic and I’m delighted to have discovered it.

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