Three more indie rock tracks to prove that rock is alive and well in 2021

Jaws the Shark – “Cold feet”
-The energy from the guitars on this track is nothing short of masterful. The lyrics are intense and fly fast, but the guitars create this brooding and powerful mood that feels a like a quintessential angsty rock style. It’s great to hear that the guitars can be so full of emotion yet still are mixed well with an enjoyable sound. The easy comparison is probably the Killers, but there are undoubtedly closer comparisons for people who drill into the intricacies of rock subgenres. For me, though, this is just a really powerful track with the kind of guitar-driven rock energy that I need when I just want to rock out.

The Honest Heart Collective – “If you wanna leave”
-When I first heard this track from Honest Heart Collective, I couldn’t help but think I was listening to a mid-2000s alt rock band that I had heard before. I appreciate how the energy gives the track a real sense of forward momentum. The lyric is about telling someone if they want to leave that they should. It’s ultimately an undertone about love and commitment. There’s no use staying with someone who doesn’t sincerely want to be with you. It’s a powerful human sentiment with a strong rock energy that’s sure to appeal to a lot of rock listeners.

The Small Breed – “Mirror Man”
-For folks looking for more of a throwback rock sound, check out the amazing harmonies on The Small Breed’s new track “Mirror Man.” The snappy percussion drives a vocally rich track about, unsurprisingly, self reflection. The guitar licks on the interlude are extremely smooth and satisfying. While the vocals might feel more like the 60s folk revival, the instrumentation feels a lot more like old school rock. The end result is a mix that would make the Byrds or Buffalo Springfield proud. It’s a really cool sound! I definitely want to keep this track around for a long time.

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