Three new Americana tunes to remind you of the old days

Luke Ford – “Moldy Sandwich”
-I really didn’t think I’d be a fan of a song about a moldy sandwich, but the expressive electric guitar right in the opening definitely captured my attention. The vocal harmonies on this track are outstanding. The combination of the moving rhythm, killer guitar work, and stunning harmonies make for a sound that evokes memories of classic American folk rock music. This is one of those tracks that makes you think… why isn’t everyone talking about Luke Ford? Why isn’t this on the radio? It’s GOLD!!

Brett Fromson – “Fog water”
-Oh man, Brett Fromson sure can capture a mood, can’t he? Also, before I say anything else about this song, the piano player deserves a raise. Oh my heavens! The whole composition is bluesy, gospel-influenced, and incredibly moving. Heck, the dang ole harmonica solo deserves it’s own spotlight. Everything about this song feels like it was born in the midst of classic American working class strife. The expressive vocal style meets a secular-with-shades-of-sacred lyrical style that just works perfectly. I’d love to hear a New Orleans crowd interact with Fromson’s style. These fellas are ready to fly off the stage, I swear.

John Lowell Anderson – “We’ve had our fill”
-This type of beautiful acoustic music is one of our most common types of music that we feature. Anderson brings a gorgeous, cathartic style to the genre. I appreciate that the song is in no rush, yet keeps moving. The strings in the background definitely make it move to a more sophisticated sound than what we typically consider jangly Americana music. That said, we’re still happy to feature this classic sound that is reminiscent of a classic kind of folk and even country music from the 1970s in the mainstream. I could imagine this track sounding pretty amazing on vinyl.

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