Three neoclassical pieces to bring calm for the new week

Lucas van Kesteren – “Luminous”
-From the first time I heard this track, I knew it was a good fit for our neoclassical coverage. The phrasing is intrigue, pulling the listener in to enjoy. The calming piano sound is sufficient for calming, yet the evolving melody line keeps the listener engaged. The combination is bright, inspiring, and meaningful. Add it to your own study and reading playlists to keep your brain engaged.

Simeon Walker – “Gleam”
-There’s something about the aesthetic quality of hearing the mechanics of the piano that really appeals to me. When I first heard Walker’s track “Gleam” I felt like I was in the room with the piano. It’s got an intimacy and connection style that makes the listener feel connected to the art itself. It’s almost as if the piece would not exist without the listener as well. I don’t know how else to describe the very visceral listening experience; it makes me feel alive. I hope that others will be as inspired by this creative melody and inspiring style as I am.

Wilson Trouve – “To the moon and back”
-If you’re looking for a sweetly engaging piece of music, check out Trouve’s latest “To the moon and back.” Since the title is an oft-quoted expression of boundless love, I would suspect that the song was written for a loved one. The musicbox-like stylings, especially in the higher pitched melodies, feels like it might even be a type of lullaby. No matter what you call the song, it’s a beautiful style that definitely sets my heart at ease. Put this one on your neoclassical playlist to bring that sense of calm.

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