Three incredible singer songwriter tracks that all make my SONG OF THE YEAR CANDIDATE list

Ocie Elliott – “Eyes fall”
-This is an incredible acoustic song. It’s got the soul of some really iconic folk singers all while providing this fresh, modern flavor as well. Elliott’s vocal inflection is absolutely perfect for the genre. The subtle vocal harmony feels intimate and close, like a dear friend. This track reminds me of singing around a campfire… or at a sweet little coffeeshop venue. It’s endearing and take-your-breath-away beautiful. Music like this is why I became a blogger and absolutely adore the process of finding new music. Add it to your acoustic playlist and you’ll love it every time. I’m putting it on my 2021 song of the year candidate list.

Jenner Fox – “The One”
-I have a personal connection to this phrase “the one” as it was something I told my family when I met my now wife. I raved that I had met “the one.” After 15 years of marriage (and still going strong), I can relate to this sentiment deeply in my heart. The sweet, bright acoustic guitar work provides a lovely backdrop to the loving lyrical style. I appreciate that the track manages to express deep, personal lyrics without coming across as cheesy. It’s got a sweetness to it that connects from start to finish.

Augusta – “the beetles and the bugs”
-I found Augusta’s music a year ago and found myself saying “yes” to literally every track. The plaintive lyrical style reminds me of Appalachian folk music. The expressive guitar balances extremely well with the poetic lyrics. There’s a naturalist sentiment that feels quite approachable, accessible, and stunningly genuine. Augusta is like the anti-pop star, presenting the authenticity of real lived life. This is salt-of-the-earth in the extreme. It’s a captivating, alluring style that deserves to be widely heard. This is another song of the year candidate for me in 2021. Beautiful.

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